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Online Church Directory

We are excited to have our online directory available to the members of Allisonville. You can have it on your phone as an app or access it through your web browser as a website!

Read more below on how to access the directory or reach out to our church office to help you get connected!

Instant Church Directory Church Icon.png

Frequently Asked Questions

Our directory is not hosted through an app or website that is associated with our name. You will always be searching for "Instant Church Directory" not "Allisonville Christian Church."


The logo that is used everywhere on this page is what you will be looking for in the app and website to know you are in the right place.


Isaac and the leaders at Allisonville are here to help! In person help is always easiest, but a quick phone call can also work!


We know that technology can be difficult. Take a deep breath, pray and don't throw your phone or computer. Come ask for help. It's an important skill to practice.

On your Computer's Web Browser

If you'd like the directory on your laptop or computer, you can click this link to take you to the sign-in website.

If it is your first time logging in, you will need click the button below "Sign In" to make a password and verify your email. If you have trouble please reach out to the church office for assistance. You can always bring your computer to church for assistance!

Instant Church Directory Church Icon.png
Instant Church Directory Church Icon.png

On Your Smart Phone

If you'd like the directory on your iPhone or Android, you must first download the app in the app store or Google Play Store. If you have difficulty finding these apps on your phone, please ask Isaac or another leader at church for help.

You will follow similar steps as the ones above if you have not logged onto the directory on a computer. 

If you have already logged on with a computer, you should be able to use the same email and password to log into the directory.

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