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Preschool Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a loving, nurturing, and safe environment where children are offered a variety of experiences to learn through hands-on activities, play, exploration, and imagination. We are Living Love Outloud!

Highlights of our program:

  • Excellent teachers and staff committed to creating a fun and loving classroom setting with play-based learning

  • Each classroom has a minimum of two staff, doubling the standard ratio

  • Our teachers are with their students for the entire school day, maximizing the amount of learning time

  • Zoo-phonics® curriculum that teaches phonics in addition to letter names to develop each pre-emergent reader

  • Low tuition rates. We do everything we can to minimize our spending so that we can share those cost savings with you!

  • Scholarship opportunities for those needing financial assistance

  • Our Explorers preschool enrichment program on Thursdays. Students get extra time for hands-on, creative, and playful learning. It is a great opportunity for children getting ready to go to full-time Kindergarten to experience a fourth day in a learning environment

  • A large indoor play space, protected playground, and lots of outdoor area for exploring nature

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