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what's an elder?

The Elders of Allisonville Christian Church serve as spiritual leaders of the congregation. The church calls them to serve in this capacity because of their demonstrated leadership and spiritual maturity.


Elders serve three-year terms. Their duties include presiding at the Communion Table with the ministers each Sunday to offer invitations to the give to the offering and to partake of the Lord’s Supper. They pray at the Table as well.


The congregation is divided into 8 Care Circles, and Elders relate to the families in the Care Circles. Four Elders oversee the needs of those in their Care Circles, and members and friends are encouraged to share their lives with the Elders of their Care Circle.


The Ministers of the congregation rely on the Elders to share in important issues that happen in the congregation. Often they study together to become better informed in their conversations.

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