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Q: When are we breaking ground?

A: We could break ground in October/November of 2023. Assuming funding for the project is secured, our contractor anticipates starting the construction documents phase in July. Then there will be a series of meetings with the architect in which detailed plans are created. This could take 3-4 months to complete. Once the construction documents are completed, our contractor will send the plans out to the sub-contractor market for competitive bidding, while simultaneously applying for permits. This timeline brings us to October/November.


Q: When are we hiring for the outreach position?

A: As soon as we have at least two years salary and benefits raised or pledged for the position, we'll start the search process. Like other ministerial searches, identifying the right candidate will involve working with the Indiana Region and utilizing the denomination's search and call process. Ideally, we would have a person hired for the role by early fall.

Q: What happened to the funds raised in the previous campaign?

A: The funds raised from the previous campaign ($683,107 as of 4/19/23) will go toward the project. The 2023 campaign has a goal of $560,000 for construction costs. The estimated construction costs overall for the project are $1,334,483. The 2023 campaign goal, plus the funds raised from the previous campaign, and our DCEF loan will cover the cost. 



Q: Why is the kitchen an outreach project?

A: Modernizing the ACC kitchen will allow us to better serve our community in many ways. From food storage for current outreach programs like Buddy Bags, to other opportunities like making meals for others on a large scale. The current ACC kitchen is not up to code in some respects, which means we’ve had to miss out on outreach opportunities in the past.

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