Getting To Know Us

One of the strengths of Allisonville Christian Church is our sense of community and family. We love each other and we love our neighbors. Unfortunately, what we actually KNOW about each other often stops at the church door. We share prayers, songs, and communion, but we don’t always know the stories behind the faces.


The elders have undertaken a new project referred to as the 'Getting to Know Us' ministry at ACC that we hope will help ACC members and friends help to learn a little bit more about each other.  Stay tuned to this page as new stories will be added as they are published each week.  

Martha Hofer
Tom and Loveta Cain
Martin & Phyllis McAfee
Lesley Salmon
Phil Young
Rachael Jacobs
Gene & Jackie Cramer
Jerry & Mary Caress
Sherilee McLain
Carol Wakefield
Bob & Betty Spargur
Brock McCracken
Ginny Campbell
Herb & Sue Feltner
Grace Caress
Keith & Marty Gran
Dave & Jean Tatum
The Auble Family
Gene & Margie Ray
Ben Hinton
Laurie Mitchell
Fred & Carol Lu Knox
Bob Hessong
Carol Q Cosby
Jim & Deb Twigg
Ann Ellerbrook
Jim & Karyn Short
Betty Wright
Ron & Debbie Terry
Jim & Carol Holzman
Drew Boggs
Jerry & Sandy Zimmerman
Paul & Betty Kaiser
Chris Baker
John & Eleyce Hinant
Kendal & Sandy Nagy
Tim & Mindy Armstrong
Cindy McDonald
Tim & Brenda Escue
Beth Guy
David Boling
Jerry Sullivan
Garrett & Rebecca
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