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Allisonville Christian Church is raising an additional $700,000 to increase our capacity to serve our neighbors. Our "Growing to Serve" campaign will allow us to hire a new outreach staff person, raise additional funds for our outreach ministries, and remodel our building to better serve our congregation and welcome outside groups into our facility. 


Specifically, these resources will be dedicated to a new kitchen that will increase our ability to host congregational meals, improve the logistics for our preschool, and launch new ministries related to hunger and food justice. Additionally, a new corridor will be constructed along the front of the church that bypasses the family room and increases accessibility to our whole facility for both church members and others who want to use our wonderful space.


Your generous support will help turn these dreams into a reality. We hope you'll be part of this opportunity to grow in faith that grows our ability to serve God's people here at Allisonville and the broader Indianapolis area. 

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